Save Fashion Steals: A Vena Cava Mini, Sophomore Skirts, and More All For Chump Change

Hello shoppers! Save Fashion is almost here! The racks are full, the shop is ready, and even before the doors open we have some amazing deals. An April77 shirt for $30? We got it. A Vena Cava mini for $75? Yes, believe your eyes. A Sunshine and Shadow dress for...this can't be right... $80? Take a look below and get just a little taste of the many, many deals coming your way when Save Fashion opens up at Inven.tory at 237 Lafayette and Spring in Manhattan from this Friday, November 13th all the way to the 22nd. Get there early, because if you don't snap up these steals right away, we might just have to keep them for ourselves.
Above, left to right: Vena Cava mini skirt, $75, Sunshine and Shadow belts, $86
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save-fashion-steals-2Above, left to right:Dress, $80, scarf, $59, both by Sunshine and Shadow, Sophomore skirt, $75.
save-fashion-steals-3bAbove, left to right: April77 shirt, $30, Rogan sweatshirt, $100.