How A 32-Year-Old Woman In Media Learned Not To Disclose Her Salary

Illustrations by Paola Delucca
In our series My Salary Story, women with years of career experience open up about the most intimate details of their jobs: compensation. It’s an honest look at how real people navigate the complicated world of negotiating, raises, promotions, and job loss, with the hope it will give young women more insight into how to advocate for themselves — and maybe take a few risks along the way.
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Previously, we talked to a 32-year-old communications director in Indianapolis who is seeking more financial validation of her work. Today, we connected with a 32-year old woman in media who learned the downside of disclosing a previous salary.
Age: 32
Current Location: NYC
Current Industry: Media
Starting Salary: $24,000
Current Salary: $146,300
Number of Years Employed: 12
Biggest Salary Jump: $31,000
Biggest Salary Drop: "I have never taken a job where I've had to make less money."
Biggest Salary Negotiation Regret: "Telling a recruiter how much I made at my previous job. Now that's illegal to ask in New York, I'll never tell again."
Best Salary-Related Advice: "Always negotiate, even if you don't get much more. Do a thorough job search so you have plenty of offers to tell your suitors about. It makes you much more desirable if company X knows that company Y wants you badly. Always know your worth."

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