Ryan Gosling Mad Libs: The Best Way To Spend RyGos’ B-Day

Hey girl. Didn't know if you knew this, but today is Ryan Gosling's birthday. And, for the celebration of one of our favorite dudes from up north, he's decided to send you a letter. Well, kind of.
While this amazing missive might not actually be "from" Ryan Gosling, it certainly is in the spirit of the modern-day superhero, and there are plenty of opportunities for you to make it perfectly personal. In fact, with a love missive in the form of a madlib, you'll be able to envision exactly what sort of sweet nothings Gosling would undoubtedly be whispering in your ear... you know, if he only knew you. After all, he's super busy, what with being a life-saving, dog-loving, puppy-eyed smokeshow. So, it's understandable if he forgot to pen us you a proclamation of adoration. To help him out (and ring in his 32nd right), get printing, ask a pal to fill in the blanks without looking, and show us what wacky ways you two crazy kids are showing your love.
Oh, get a room, you two.
UPDATED: Yes, we published this one year ago today, but Ryan Gosling Mad Lib Day is worth resurrecting every year.