Rubs Them The Wrong Way: West Hollywood May Ban Fur Sales

For those of us who get rubbed the wrong way by fur, the city of West Hollywood may be the cruelty-free SoCal capitol. The City of WeHo is one step closer to banning the sale of fur, after a heated debate last night that lasted until the wee hours of this morning, regarding whether the city could and should stop selling skins. While there were passionate pleas on both sides—those pro-fur argued the law would be anti-business (questioning if leather and meat are next)—the decision is still to be made, no law has been passed, and it's still up for a final vote. This is definitely a very sensitive issue, with animal-lovers, business-owners, and ethical questions all in the mix, so tell us: Where do you stand in the anti-fur WeHo war? (NBC)
Photo, courtesy of NBC .

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