Snuggle Up With These 6 Romantic Reads

Honestly, what's better than snuggling up with a good book over a long, holiday weekend? A few, quiet hours of you time is just what the doctored ordered for R29's fashion editors, that's for sure. After a jam-packed NYFW schedule and a dizzying Valentine's Day rush, we're completely pooped. If you're feeling equally maxed-out from work and life, well, we've got you covered.
Our on-staff bibliophiles lent us their noodles with six rad romance-novel recommendations that are sure to help us recharge over the three-day break. And, we're totally feeling the love.
Whether you're coupled up, on the dating scene, or happily single, these contemporary love stories are sure to bring out your mushy side. It's going to happen, let's just be upfront about it (and embrace our Kim K crying faces). The best part? We've gone ahead and paired outfits to each of these tomes for a completely novel look. And, they're just a turn of the page, err, click of the mouse away.