How To Dress For The Most Unique (& Secret) Meal In Town

Eons ago, when we told you about hidden gems like Shareen or Cinespia, you knew there was only a short window of time before word got out, and the masses staged a zombie-style takeover (we used to blindfold friends when we drove them to Shareen's first space!). Well, for your eyes and stomachs only, we've now got the exclusive dish on a brand new mum's-the-word menu at Rivera that will leave you feeling like you're the first to feast on the most unique dining experience of your life! No really, we're not exaggerating here.
Each course on famed chef John Rivera Sedlar's magical menu coincides with a work from the Pacific Standard Time: Art In L.A. 1945-1980 exhibit (and comes out on a plate with the art emblazoned on it). From Ed Ruscha's Los Angeles County Museum Of Art On Fire's Fire-Grilled Breast of Chicken with Goat Cheese and Incendiary Salsa, to Carlos Almaraz's Beach Trash Burning sorbet dessert with an Almond Tuille crunch (colored to depict sand) — our mouths and hearts applauded the ambition behind this stroke of genius, down to the very last bite. If you want in, hurry, because these underground bites will only be available through March 31, when the exhibit ends (it's all word-of-mouth except for this article, so be sure to mention us when you book). And for $44 bucks, this divinely designed menu feels like a Thomas Crown Affair-style heist!
Since we truly care about you, we've lined up a gorgeous ensemble for the chic spot—plus even more yummy outfit ideas, based on our favorite pieces of art/cuisine. Click through our exotically palatable slideshow so you're not a sartorial no-show.