Rita Ora's Travel Beauty Regimen Is Intense

Photo: Courtesy of Arthur Mola/Rimmel London.
Hollywood beauties tend to fall into two categories: those who've found a look that works for them and don't often stray from their winning formula, and the beauty devotees who aren't afraid to experiment and switch things up. We don't have to tell you which group Rita Ora belongs to.

The singer and actress is such a chameleon — she changed her hair more times this past summer than many women would in a decade — that when I sat down with her to talk about her latest collaboration with Rimmel London, at first I didn't realize she had yet another new look. Her brand-new pixie wasn't as dramatic as the spur-of-the-moment bleached brows she showed up with last time, when we chatted about her gig as the face of the latest DKNY fragrance.

Ora truly is a beauty junkie — it's no wonder she inks so many beauty deals. For Rimmel London, she helped create a collection of stay-all-day lip glosses, aptly called Oh My Gloss! (out now). "It's my second collection with Rimmel, and it's the girliest I've ever been," she told me on a particularly gorgeous September afternoon in Toronto. "You know, people might think I'm a girly-girl because I like makeup, but I'm really sort of a tomboy. So doing this makeup line has really brought out my girly side — and I like it."

Ahead, I chat with Ora about lipstick versus lip gloss, when she felt her most beautiful, and her fallback career as a badass party planner.

How did you guys come up with the name "Oh My Gloss!"?
"I kind of just quite liked it. It's funny, because when I said to say it [for the TV spot], I kept saying, 'Oh my god!' And I love that, because it just sounds like a phrase you'd say. It rolls off the tongue in a nice way, and I think that's smart."

You're a makeup girl — your beauty looks are always great. Is there a particular look you always find yourself going back to?
"I always do a brow — a dark brow. I think it structures the face. Then, I always do a cat-eye and a red lip. Those are my go-tos, because I knew how to do them myself [when I was doing my own makeup]. I'm a big fan of bronze shades lately, and contouring my eyelids. That's a new thing of mine. But it's always a red lip for me. I'm actually wearing my Rimmel London Oh My Gloss! shade right now! It's this shade Ooh La La. But I keep a red lipstick on underneath."

Are you more of a lipstick or lip gloss person?
"I'd say lipstick, just because it stays on better. But the lip gloss is like icing on the cake. It gives that extra pop. I usually wear the two together."

What are some beauty tips and tricks you've picked up?
"I've become so much [more] of a skin-care person. That's actually most important to me. I need to make sure that my skin is clean — I never go to sleep with my makeup on. I'm all about hydration. I love using that Crème de la Mer cream."

How about when you travel? I feel like you're constantly on the road!
"I try my best to travel with as little as possible — which is mostly impossible, because I have a ton of clothes! I don't care how I look on the plane. I do full-on beauty routines while I'm flying, because it's my only time to really do them! Eye patches, face masks — I use this really good mask from Origins. It's called the Out of Trouble 10-minute mask. Everyone else on the plane is like, What is wrong with her? But it's my only time to do it!

"I also try to keep certain things consistent when I travel. I have this little lavender pillow that I bring along to make every bed I sleep in smell nice. I also always bring a candle and a book. It's about keeping as much the same as possible for me — to help me stay sane."

Can you tell me about a time when you felt your most beautiful?
"Probably the first time I went to the Met Gala. It was such a huge moment for me. Beauty-wise, it might not have been my favorite look, but I felt beautiful because of where I was. I had this moment when I was like, I can't believe I'm here. It was like a fairy tale."

Okay, let's talk about this pixie cut. What made you decide to do it?
"Well, being blonde is always a struggle. I use Olaplex to keep the color nice, and it helps me maintain the blonde. But I still wanted to cut it off. I had a shoot yesterday, so we just went for it. I always say, when I have a look, I commit to it. So, I guess, I committed to this!"

What do you think you're going to do to your hair next?
"Probably throw some extensions in it and have it long again! [laughs] My hairdresser's going to kill me. But right now, I'm feeling the short-hair vibe. I think I'll stick with the blonde, too. It's my thing for now."

Finally, if you weren't a singer and actress, what do you think you'd be?
"I love music so much; I really don't know! I'd probably help someone else pursue their own music. Maybe own a magazine — or run the best parties in the world."

Like be the ultimate party planner?
"[laughs] Absolutely!"

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