26 Snaps From Our Book Launch Party — Squee!

Many people say that writing a book is like giving birth. Present company hasn't exactly experienced the latter miracle — yet. But, we can attest that getting Style Stalking out to the presses was surely a labor of love. Key difference in this analogy, though, is that new moms don't usually get the likes of Natalie Joos and Eleonora Carisi swarming around them in the delivery room. And, the delivery room usually isn't the Sky Room at the New Museum. The two street style stars (and book muses!), however, were joined at the LES hub by stylists and editors to fete the tome, and, of course, its wave-making co-authors, R29's own Christene Barberich and Piera Gelardi.
There were sips of Kendall-Jackson AVANT on the balcony, and signature moves to the tunes by Oh Land and Kitty Cash, who took turns in the DJ booth. And, of course, 'grams galore, set next to the larger-than-life print outs of the book's top snaps which hung — as art in a museum normally does — on the walls, proudly lit. Similarly to baby pics, we've got a pretty set of pictures to aww over. We know every new mother says this but, "isn't she a beaut?" Click through to see pics of our fondest memories from Tuesday night's baby shower book release party, and don't forget to check out all the other Style Stalking events coming up soon!