Rashida Jones Just Wants To Wear A Big, Poofy Prom Dress

If there's one design team that's received a lot of celebrity attention, it's definitely the Dannijo sisters. On any given day, a Dannijo event typically includes The Man Repeller, Hilary Rhoda, and Coco Rocha, and last season's presentation was even hosted by Brooklyn Decker.
For this month's Fashion Week, actress/writer/producer and R29 girl crush Rashida Jones hosted the Dannijo sisters at The Jane Hotel, where models channeled 1920s glam and the incredible Angela McCluskey performed. We caught up with Jones to chat meeting KNOTB's Joey McIntyre, her future projects, and an unexpected dream outfit.

How did you become involved with Dannijo?
"I was honestly just a fan and [through] my friend Ashlee Margolis, who works with them and does some of their press in L.A. I grew up with [her] and I said I wanted to meet them, and I came in as a fan. They're so talented and really nice, smart girls."


So true! And speaking of talented, what was it like meeting Joey McIntyre from NKOTB?
"Such a surprise! I was really happy."

So, you didn't know you were going to meet him?
"No. Well, first of all, I've met him before. He just forgot. But the special message...I was totally down for."

You're the unofficial queen of the effortless look. Do you have a fantasy red-carpet outfit you'd like to try some day, or do you prefer the more natural look?
"Well, that's who I am, so a fantasy is not who you are, which is why it's a fantasy. I guess I wish I was like a teenager and I was going to the Crillon Ball and just go balls-out ball gown. Cinderella for one night and then never again."

That's awesome. We've seen you in both TV and film. What can we expect from you next? Any projects in the works?
"I just signed an overall TV deal at Warner Brothers to develop and produce and write some stuff with my writing partner. I have a couple movies coming out, and we'll probably write another movie sometime soon, hopefully."

Last question. We've gotta know: Are your glasses real, or are they just a fashion statement?
"They're so real. They're too real. I'm nearsighted and getting blinder every day.

Image: Courtesy of BFA