Rad Or Bad: Shoes With Tan Lines

So, you know how people with certain skin types — like a certain pasty-faced writer whose words you're reading right now — look after a long day in the South Beach sun? Y'know, dark chest with ivory thighs, feet tanned to a golden brown, except for those funny pink lines the flip-flops left? Yeah. Well, how about we make a shoe like that? It would be totally...well...it would certainly be something.
Look, to be honest, there's something very cool, funny, and fashion-forward about these new "suntan" shoes by L.A. leathersmiths Esquivel. But there's also something unsettling about the lingering suggestion that these lovely lace-ups were crafted out of human skin (like, this writer's skin). Eeep!
So, what do you think, is tan-lined leather a daring do, or should someone have slathered SPF 1,000,000 on these babies?
Photo: Courtesy Esquivel.

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