This Is The Most Inspiring Children’s Book We’ve Ever Seen

There are some things that can never be taught too early, and the history and impact of strong American women is one of them. And, judging by its latest work, City Lights agrees. The storied San Francisco publisher and bookstore is celebrating its 60th anniversary by releasing a children’s book for the first time ever. Only, this isn't your typical kiddie read.
Rad American Women A-Z: Rebels, Trailblazers, and Visionaries Who Shaped Our History...and Our Future is a book that breaks down 26 badass women from A (Angela Davis) to Z (Zora Neale Hurston). Each woman's inspiring story is paired with bold, illustrated portraits by Miriam Klein Stahl and told in an approachable yet informative way.
"I figured there must already be something like this, but Google yielded few results," author Kate Schatz tells us. "Once I began mentioning the idea to friends and fellow parents, it quickly became clear that I wasn't the only one craving some inspiring, diverse, cool-looking kid lit. The response was overwhelming."
"Girls need strong, diverse role models, and they need to be able to see themselves reflected in history books and in stories of greatness and success," she adds. "At the same time, boys need to see these stories of strong women, too, so that they also know that women are capable of anything. Again, these aren't just role models for girls — these are scientists, activists, artists, musicians, judges, and leaders whose stories can inspire us all."
Click through to see some of the rad ladies featured in the book, which hits shelves April 7.

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