Vote: Should Rachel McAdams Have Stocked Up On Stockings?

Rachel McAdams is a shining example of the fact that it's all in the details. Let's play a game of I Spy shall we? Chunky gold square buttons, a Peter Pan collar (looks like leather to us), those adorable pleats, and Brian Atwood pumps with back-bow details you can't quite see (but trust, they're awesome) all add up to a picture-perfect look for the natural beauty. Right? Well...maybe.
While we adore the classic black, we're concerned her nude details may be attributed less to McAdams' Atwoods and more to her exposed gams under a short hem. Call us granny, but maybe this ensemble would be a little more complete with some stockings. Lace, opaque, sheer, anything? On the other hand, if we had her legs, we would show them off all the time, too. We're torn! YOU decide. Vote below and tell us if the frigid factor is worth it (and doesn't look too unseasonal).

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