The R29 Editor Secret For Holiday Gifts You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

"Editors On Holiday" might sound like a made-for-TV movie, but it's actually the latest installment of our ongoing collaboration with eBay, in which we apply our shopping expertise to help you look like a gift-giving savant in the months to come. (It's what we do professionally, after all.)
With Christene Barberich, R29 global editor-in-chief and top-percentile Finder Of Good Things, acting as your guide, you'll learn tips and tricks for sourcing one-of-a-kind items on eBay. "Seeking out the most uncommon gifts during holiday time isn't just a tradition for me, it's an actual treasure hunt," Barberich says. "eBay is always an amazing place to discover the coolest objects of desire, and I'm so excited to share some of our holiday finds right here." See some of her top picks ahead and more on our R29 x eBay storefront.

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