Quit Dropping Hints, R29 And TACORI Know What You Want This Year

Wool socks and gift certificates for the holidays again? It's like no one was even listening to all those hints you dropped about the shiny, sparkly presents you wanted. What gives? No worries, we can take a hint. Refinery29 and TACORI know that what you really want to unwrap this year (and, let's face it, every year) is good, ol' fashioned bling. That's why we've concocted a jewelry-filled giveaway so big, we can barely stand to let it go. Flip over to our contest page and enter for the chance to win three huge, beautiful pendants in white, hematite, and bold black and a edgy black onyx cuff from TACORI, along with a quilted-leather Topshop biker jacket to wear them with. Yeah, for reals. Win, and you won't care how many cat calendars you're family gives you — you'll already have all the jewels you want. Oh, and if you've got any hint-dropping tactics to help your fellow Refinery readers get the gifts they want this season, drop them in the comments below — we could all use them.

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