Holiday Hosting 101 — The Model Edition

Wait, you guys, how is this even possible? The holiday season has barely begun, and we're already exhausted! Seriously, we've run out of things to wear and dishes to make — we can only do that midi-skirt-and-oversized-sweater combo with a side of apple pie so many times. You know, #holidayproblems.
Well, that's exactly why we're taking cues from 27-year-old Toronto native Quinn Cooper. As a globe-trotting model and blogger, she knows how to work the scene without making it look like, well, work. So, Cooper let us into her pad for a close-up at a party she's hosting for some friends. Tips for preparing dishes in advance, tricks for creating the perfect table, and even a look at her super-festive outfit — yep, she gave us the lowdown on everything, and you can bet we're paying attention!

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