The Muppets Collaborate With SpiritHoods On Fuzzy Head-Things

SpiritHoods, that scrappy little company responsible for making fake animal heads a familiar hipster accessory all over the world and showing us Ke$ha at her most feral, have made the next logical step for their highly illogical headwater: Muppet SpiritHoods!!! That's right, in the buildup to the new
The Muppets
film (which we shall see opening night), the company has released hairy hats that turn wearers into real-life Miss Piggys, Kermits, Gonzos, and, you guessed right, ANIMAL. Naturally, these are a must-grab for the kiddies in your life, and, if you have the stones for it, your less-inhibited nights out (we don't have the stones for it, btw). Also, if you happen to be out on the streets this Fashion's Night Out, keep one eye out for the SpirtHoods crew. If you see a pile of fur in a shade of green, red, pink, or blue, it may just be a Muppet getting its drink on.

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