Property's 10 Year Anniversary Exhibition Will Make You Want To Redecorate

We know, we know, we can't stop talking about the ICFF, but all this furniture porn packed into one week is kinda orgasmic! Case in point: cool SoHo home furnishings showroom Property is celebrating their 10th year anniversary with an exhibition of 10 design vignettes that chronicle all the design trends of the past decade. Owner Sabrina Schilcher won the award for "best furniture" back at the '99 ICFF, so she knows a thing or two about interior decorating, as evidenced by the carefully curated selection of objéts, lighting fixtures, sofas, and chairs. "Property is a space of inspiration," she told us last night at the exhibition preview. "It's a place where people can have fun and discover new ways to think about their own settings." After peeping works by everyone from Alvar Aalto to Brian Rasmussen, it was hard not to jet home and start our own little interior decorating project.
May 17th-May 31
Property; 14 Wooster Street (near Canal Street); 917-237-0123

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