Vroom! Motorcyclin’ Hairstylists Are Now Making House Calls On Wheels

When it comes to having a great hair day, motorcycles aren't typically part of the equation. In a matter of blocks on a hog, that sleek-and-smooth mane starts channeling Cameron Diaz in There’s Something About Mary — and we won’t even mention the atrocities helmets cause. But, thanks to a new on-call service, your tresses might be quite taken with a Mr. Harley (Davidson, that is).
Hair aficionados Paul Desmarre and Romain Perriniaux (the dudes behind Privé Salon) will now hop on their motorcycles for house calls 24/7 (yeah, 24/7). These biker bros can also ride to your special day or a fancy-shmancy event — and, if you’re in the biz, they’ll get your models or actors looking camera ready. Prices start at $80 for a blowout and $140 for a cut. And, time-consuming processes like ombré jobs will cost around $240. Regardless of price, though, sometimes it's just so worth it to have the treatments in the comfort of your own abode.
So, whether you’re hunting for honey highlights or itching for an updo, skip the trip to the salon and let someone else’s rubber meet the road!
Privé Salon, 7373 Beverly Boulevard (near North Martel Avenue); 323-931-5559.

Photo: Courtesy of Fox Greenberg Public Relations