How To Not Hate Getting Ready For Work At The Gym

So, I don't wanna make this awkward, but I worked out this morning. Essentially, this entire post is a thinly veiled humble brag that will frequently return to this main point. I woke up this morning a whole hour early, put on leggings, and went to SoulCycle. I know what you're thinking, "Who is this lady? And, in addition to being the most impressive person on the planet, does she also know how to stop global warming?" Honestly, not no. 'Cuz that's how great I feel. Still, there were parts of this excursion that could have gone way better.
Showering at the gym in the morning before work is kind of my version of hell. It's as hot as Dante's inferno, steamy as all get out, and you're forced to see-and-be-seen in the flesh by everyone with whom you just crunched to Katy Perry. Add to this a bright red and splotchy face and you've got yourself a recipe for one awkward morning. I'm not one of those girls who looks cute post-workout. My face stays lit up like a Christmas ornament for the better part of the next four hours. My hair is a frizzy mess, flying out from my skull in every direction, 360-degrees around. So, you can imagine that getting ready for work today was as much a feat as the 45-minute class I had just completed.
But, now I see the error of my ways, and I know how to fix it. Why did I pack my standard skinny jeans? Emerging from the shower to a room full of impatient, blowdrying urban professionals is already uncomfortable. Let me tell you, though, what's even more uncomfortable is having to roll your jeans up your leg like they're a pair of Easter stockings. Next time, I'm not gonna find myself in that predicament. Instead, I've put together the ultimate work-out-then-go-to-work outfit that won't make me feel like a Vienna sausage stuffed in my own clothes.
Next time, I'm going for loose, but office-appropriate trouser pants, a boxy button-down, and walkable shoes. Click through to see my picks and leave your post-workout-outfit tips in the comments below.