How Well Do Our Dads Know Pop Culture? A Father's Day Quiz

Photo: Bauer-Griffin/GC Images.
In the past few years, dads have really taken over. There are celebrity dads and dad bods and dad jokes and even dad jeans. While dads have become a big part of pop culture, that doesn't mean pop culture is a big part of dads' lives — especially not ours. It's somewhat of a tradition at Refinery29 to celebrate Father's Day by reaching out to the dads in our lives and getting to the bottom of just how much they know about what's going on in the world of Beyoncé, TV, and Instagram. Turns out, not much.
After surveying over 20 dads of Refinery29 staffers, there are three things I know to be true: All dads think there are four Chainsmokers, all dads hate Justin Bieber, and all dads are extremely generous when it comes to using the space bar. Ahead, we had dads answer ten very specific pop culture questions, and I've recorded their answers verbatim. All spelling, capitalization, and questionable punctuation has been untouched — as well as the vintage dad bae photos we've included alongside their answers.
While not many of the answers ahead are necessarily correct, they are everything we wanted and more when it comes to learning just how our dads see and experience the pop culture we consume every day. Can you imagine living in a world where winter isn't coming? Where you don't know why Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are (still, somehow) feuding? Where The Chainsmokers have never been stuck in your head? For the next 24 slides, you can. Happy Father's Day!

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