Just How Cool Are Our Dads? An Enlightening Investigation

Illustrations by Norah Stone.
We have a lot of awesome (and totally modest) people working at Refinery29. It kind of comes with the territory, working in an innovative and creative digital space. But where did we get our love for all things smart, trendy, and cutting-edge? Personally, I know that my innate sense of awesomeness came from a man very near and dear to my heart.
He's the one who introduced me to my first favorite song, "Tubthumping" by Chumbawamba. The one who made me turn off Keeping Up With the Kardashians during dinner, but was secretly as into it as I was. The one who is as passionate about deep electronic house music as he is about cars.
My father.
So, I decided to investigate. Are all dads as hip as mine? Are Refinery29 staffers' dads binge-watching the same TV shows? Do they know who Blac Chyna is?! I sent out a survey to our staff, asking them to gather some crucial information from their pops about entertainment, along with a photo from their dads' youthful heydays.
The responses are pretty enlightening, and a great reminder to always remember your roots. The final verdict proved my theory that from dope dads come some very cool kids.
So, Happy Father's Day to all the modern men in our lives. We definitely wouldn't be the same without you.
Warning: dad bods ahead.

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