5 Completely Different Ways To Rock A Plunging Neckline

Even the boldest dressers have an unspoken list of trends they claim just aren't for them. And chances are, whether you think you're too flat-chested or too full-chested — or have a completely different reason for avoiding the plunging neckline entirely — this tricky style tends to sit right at the top of the "Nope, not happening" list of many people's most feared clothing-related risks.
The good news, however, is that (surprise!) you don't have to go full-on J.Lo to introduce "the plunge" into your wardrobe. And what better occasion than New Year's Eve to face the look head-on — and style it however you feel most comfortable? Since you have the option to ease into things with a full-coverage V-neck — or say, "Hello, world," with a sexier, deeper option — it's actually quite simple to find a variation that isn't scary and even works for you.
To learn how to style five very different levels of the plunging neckline, click ahead. And don't forget the one rule that doesn't change, regardless of how deep your V goes: Double-sided tape is your new best friend.

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