Forget What You THINK You Know About This JLo Dress…

Photo: Jeff Vespa/Getty Images.
If the biggest shock you experience this time of year is that a jolly man in a red suit doesn't climb down your chimney to bring you presents, well we have one that can top that. BuzzFeed broke the not-so-breaking news yesterday with a photo that changes everything we thought we knew about the famous Versace number that owned the 2000 Grammys red carpet, and is still the first thing that comes to mind when we think of Jennifer Lopez.
Here it is: She was not the first music star to wear it on the red carpet. In fact, a Spice Girl beat her to it.
Photo: Sebastian Valente/Prestige/Getty Images.
Yes, Geri Halliwell was the first lady to wear the cut-to-the-navel, super-see-through, barely there gown in public. Even more astounding, as BuzzFeed reports, it happened a whole month before the Grammys at Cannes, but somehow went virtually unnoticed. Of course, this all went down nearly 15 years ago — in a pre-social media world. Today it probably would be a lot different; someone would at least tweet a "Hey, didn't Ginger Spice wear that last month?" Click over for a closer look at the dress that was iconic on one singer and just another day at the movies for someone else. (BuzzFeed)

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