You’ll Want In On The New Wave of Enamel Pins

It's hard to believe it's been almost a year since our pin obsession really popped off. And in what felt like one minute, our denim and leather jackets were covered in miniature Hypnotiq bottles, our favorite emoji, and even Kim Kardashian's notorious crying face — showing the world which memes and pop culture references we align with most.
But our hunt for amazing pins hasn't ceased, even if we don't have any more space on our lapels. It's time to make room, though, because there's a new set in town — and they're amazingly mini (so they don't require that much room).
Pintrill, one of our favorite pin brands, is releasing teeny-tiny pins (smaller than a dime) that you can wear on anything, and they look just as good alone as they do in a group. The reason we're so obsessed? Besides the fact that everything mini is a must-have, they let us wear pins in a new, fresh way, like on our T-shirts and up the leg of our jeans. Ahead, see the pint-size pieces we're about to scoop up. Frankly, they're pintastic.