Are These Pinterest Fashion Hacks Legit? We Put Them To The Test

There's a reason why Pinterest has such a devout user base: The platform not only puts you on the pulse of the prettiest trends in fashion, food, and beyond, but it also teaches you how to make them your own, on your own, and for a fraction of the price. But are these simple at-home solutions as easy as they seem? A DIY newbie, I put my Mythbusters hat on to find out.
I gave Pinterest a go a few years back, but all I have to show for it are a few dozen half-assed boards and a mishmash of style inspiration and ambitious (but never tested) recipes. Mostly, it's because I belong to the school of "Rather Buy than DIY." But every now and then I stumble across a collection of Pinterest-sourced fashion hacks promising to change the way I wear, style, or think about certain items. Fine, Pinterest. You've got my attention.
I scoured Pinterest and plucked seven tricks that promised the world while seeming vaguely possible to pull off. Some of these tips and tricks made total sense; others, I was dubious about. I should use panty liners to prevent sweat stains? Freeze my sneakers and my jeans to get rid of a funky smell? Tape my toes together to make my heels less painful? Challenge accepted.
Then, I gave each hack one shot (exactly one), and rated them based on ease, result, and my overall satisfaction with the whole thing. I will say this: I'm much more open to trying out ideas found on Pinterest than I was when I started — as long as they don't involve taping my breasts. Ahead, this novice pinner's deep-ish dive into the world of fashion hacks.

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