Here’s How To Handle Any (& Every) Kind Of iPhone Mishap

It happens in slow motion. Your phone is sitting there, calmly, quietly, on the table. You take a sip of your pale ale, when suddenly, the firm pint glass in your hand turns to ice. It slips out of your grasp and, in an instant that lasts an eternity, smashes down right on your phone's screen, which has now exploded into a spiderweb of dagger sharp cracks.
It doesn't make sense. The laws of physics just ceased to exist for exactly long enough that your precious is now on life support. It's a terrible feeling, but one we know all too well. Over the years, we've broken our phones in every conceivable way possible — and a few ways we didn't think were possible.
Depending on the situation, and its severity, your phone may not have to become a sacrifice to the upgrade gods. You can salvage it. Ahead, here's how to handle the situation.

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