(Not So) Unexpected Inspiration: Pharrell's Pink Coat

Photo: Beretta/REX USA.
We would be wrong to assume that we know all of Pharrell Williams' style tricks. One day, he surprises with an oversized Vivienne Westwood hat, and another he shows us he has some easy-to-follow tricks up his sleeve. A trick up his pink sleeve, to be exact.
While we're just beginning to consider our arsenal of fall style staples — even we take a break for Labor Day — the artist's recent appearance on the streets of London has gotten our sartorial engines in gear. The "Happy" singer may be wearing a somewhat "normal" everyday uniform of jeans and a T-shirt in this snap, but he's kicked the look way up with a Pepto-pink coat. Sure, he's not one to shy away from bold colors, but we're still inspired by his intrepid choice.
Consider this look a Pharrell endorsement for fall's ultimate statement coat — one that's bold in color, boxy in shape, and elegant even (or, especially) when paired with something casual. His ensemble also invites us to clash colors to our heart's content. Pharrell champions pink and red, but we see no reason why a blue duster and green sneakers wouldn't be just as cool. Consider your options carefully, and feel free to click on for a few pink power coats we think would earn the Williams stamp of approval.

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