Meet PETA’s Hairy-Kate and Trashley Trollsen Fur-Wearing Avatars

Not ones for subtle gestures, PETA's latest move has them web designing — and with real pizazz! Targeting the ever-under-fire Olsen twins for their storied $16.9K fur rucksack, the animal champions have taken it upon themselves to rename the twins with a moniker they feel to be more fitting: Hairy-Kate and Trashley. Ouch.
The website they've cooked up lets you dress the rather deranged-looking twins in various cartoonified bleeding animal bits. The URL also features a video titled Full House of Horrors, in which the Tanner family discovers that cute little Michelle is going to grow up to become an animal-slaughtering villain. You can even take action straight from the site by sending a message to the sibs, urging them to seek out non-fur alternatives in their designs.
Poke around and please tell us if you think PETA's theatrics are well intentioned or too fur-ocious in the comments below!
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