What's That Smell? We've Sniffed Out The Best New Perfume Spot In Town!

We’ve been breezing through endless stores lately, in hopes of catching a whiff of our new go-to summer scent. Unfortunately, we’ve left most places with an unpleasant musk on our wrists and raging migraines on the brain (the worst!). Well, leave those memories of your Aunt Mindy's patchouli stink behind, because an amazing new apothecary, Persephenie, has just come to the rescue!
The eponymously named lady behind the counter is a certified aromatherapist and perfumer — although we think her title should be switched to fragrance goddess. With natural botanicals as her specialty, the whimsical aromas spilling out of the store are perf for this season.
And she's no one-trick pony, either! Also included in the chic space is an eclectic mix of trinkets, ranging from vintage Native American jewelry to rare treasures from around the world. So, look no further, this is your one-stop shop for unique finds and sweet smells.
Persephenie, 304 South Edinburgh Avenue (near West 3rd Street); 323-658-7507.
Photo: Courtesy of EMWPR

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