Can What You Wear Help You Sleep Better?

I'm a good sleeper. I'm such a good sleeper, it's actually unnatural. I've achieved REM-tastic feats so farfetched that it sometimes takes people actually seeing me in full-doze action to believe it.
I can sleep sitting up with my eyes open (a skill I obviously picked up in college). I can power nap for five minutes at a time on public transportation and feel totally refreshed. I can sleep straight through thunderstorms, sirens, and earthquakes, but wake up one minute before my alarm clock goes off, no matter what time I set it for. I can sleep on any surface, at any time of day, through any disturbance, while wearing anything.
So, when I was approached by performance sleepwear brand Lunya, I knew I probably wasn't the right test subject. I've produced equally great zzz's in $500 silk pajamas and itchy, polyester Halloween costumes alike (oops). But, as an incontrovertible expert in the subject, I felt pretty confident in determining whether these garments actually live up to the brand's promise "to keep you looking and feeling your best between the sheets."
Despite having a huge range of products spanning shorts and tanks to jackets, robes, and bras, there are a few things that all Lunya pieces have in common: All products are made from the same cotton bamboo that's soft and lightweight, but is also cooling and breathable. Secondly, nothing pinches, from seams (flat) to waistbands (wide and elastic and won't flip in the wash) to shorts (wedgie-proof) and straps (in racerback styles that won't slip off or twist up).
Besides that, these items are decidedly grown up. Unlike your threadbare, too-short, too-embarrassing 10-year-old promotional T-shirt, you'll feel comfortable retrieving your Seamless delivery in them. I tried out two different sleep sets and had two great nights of sleep. But, then I slept in a ratty old sports jersey the following night, and had an equally great night of sleep.
But, here's the thing: Someone once told me that the ultimate indication of whether or not someone is truly stylish or just putting on airs is to see what they wear when they're all alone. There's a point in your style evolution when you're spending an afternoon Netflixing, face-masking, and grazing on snacks with the fridge door open, and you still want to look good. Lunya's loungewear is cozy and comfy, complete with the kind of considered design elements that you'll appreciate, even if you might not notice them. (Which is the whole point of good design anyway.)
And, when it also looks great, is made well, and produced in the United States? For some, that's reason enough to ditch those old boxers and raglans. Click through to see what we mean.

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