Pedicabs Are Now Made With Fake Louis Vuitton Bags

By now, the sight of pedicabs here is about as surprising as, well, peeping one in Shanghai. So too are those ubiquitous faux Louis Vuittons—just take a walk down Canal Street...we dare you not spot 'em. Well, now it seems our friends to the west have rather genius-ly combined the two: Racked has the deets on a pedicab upholstered in Louis that just popped up in San Diego, of all places. The fabric has a sort of rubbery feel that's par-for-the-course with the less than genuine article, while the pattern is a very, very dated white with bright colored logos which you might remember being popular back in '08 (BTW, we never really loved them). The pedicab driver, Tony, admits to picking out the pattern himself from swatches his "connections" sent to him in L.A. We're wondering why no one has hijacked this idea for the Big Apple, or even one of the few two-wheelers in Hollywood. New Year's project anyone?
Fake Louis Vuitton bag, picture via

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