Patricia Field Doesn’t Label Drop and Would Love To Dress Up As a Cowgirl

Just before the Matthew Ames show began, we had a quick chit-chat with Patricia Field, stylist extraordinaire for Sex and the City. The flame-haired grand dame dished about obsessions and labels (or lack thereof), and waxed nostalgic about fashion from her childhood:
What are you wearing today?
"Oh, I don't know! These jeans are from Brazil, I don't know the name! This jacket has a label, but I have no idea what it is. It's some label! Okay ... what does it say? Pure Linen. There's a label in the back, here, take a look at it!"
It says "Made In Italy."
"Made In Italy, there you go!"
This is a predictable question, but for you we must know: What are you obsessed with right now?
"I don't really obsess over fashion. I try not to obsess over anything. Obsession is an area that I would rather leave for others."
What childhood fashion item do you still wish you could wear? "Well, some of them I still do wear. But one of my favorite outfits was a cowgirl outfit: the skirt, the boots, the fringe! I still love it!"
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