The Best Party Shoes According To Your Personality

Shoes can be a contentious topic around the holidays: Do we forgo comfort in favor of eye-catching stilettos, or do we think about how easy (or painful) our commute from Party A to Party B will be? Everyone claims to have discovered the secret hack to party footwear — be it a thicker heel, shoe inserts, or the trusty pair of foldable flats that fits in your bag. But, let's put aside the heels-versus-flats debate for a moment.
Regardless of how far from or near the ground you prefer to be when you're party-hopping, we all fall into certain holiday patterns. We lean towards classic patent heels for family affairs but gravitate toward the glitter-coated shoes around December 31. We swap out our work flats for metallic stilettos when meeting up with friends. We carefully pull out those extra-special heels we bought at X sample sale, eager to give them the festive debut they deserve. Whatever category you fall into, your holiday-shoe choice speaks to your party-style personality. We broke down the seasonal footwear types you'll spot at all your festivities, from the bejeweled toes to the satin-clad ankles. Ahead, find out where you fit in, and see the shoes you should be frolicking in.