5 Reasons Those Party Shoes Are SO Worth It

Going into 2016, we’re refining our approach to shopping. There will be no guilt-tripping inner voices and no defending our actions when we make a purchase that doesn't fit onto some bogus short-list of essentials. Our newly affirmed motto: Do you. Or, more explicitly, buy as long as the investment is worth it to you.
The first challenge for our outlook: new party shoes. Sure we need them for a handful of holiday blowouts right this minute, but we wondered if we could really get enough use out of them to make acquiring a fresh (albeit amazing) pair worth it beyond a single party. Our answer is that — surprise — we absolutely can. With a less rigid approach to the categories in our closets and some creative styling, we could get plenty of mileage out of even the most special-feeling soles.
So, we're making a case for buying fancy footwear (or any other item that might not be deemed a true essential) by taking five lust-worthy night-out styles from buzzy shoe startup M.Gemi and incorporating each into an unexpectedly less-dressy look. See how it's done ahead; then go on and check "shoes" off your party-prep list.

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