A Sweet Stencil DIY For Your Go-To Jeans

Oh, back-to-school season. Every year during this time, we can’t help but think back to art class and all those cool craft projects that had us whipping out watercolor brushes, colored pencils, and India ink.
Luckily, we don’t have to go back to Art 101 to get our creative fix. In fact, we’ve partnered up with denim authority Levi’s® to bring you a DIY stencil job that’s totally spot-on…and just about as easy as it gets, using just some crisp white paint and a pair of perfectly faded Levi’s® 501s. And the best part is you can have all the supplies sent you from our very own R29 Shops.
Choose from spades, hearts, or stars, then follow these easy instructions for whipping up the cutest paint patterns, ever. Your jeans will thank you.
For more rad art vibes and inspiration check out the Levi's® #makeourmark project.
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What You'll Need:
- Levi’s® jeans or other denim piece
- Heat set fabric paint
- Paintbrush
- Stencil

Refinery29 x Levi's® Denim DIY Kit: Stencil It In, $25, available at R29 Shops.
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Step 1:
Make a small dot with the chalk where you want each stencil print to appear. Use the ruler to measure if you want the shapes evenly spaced.

Want to do something a little different? Try cascading hearts, stars in a row, or gradient falling flowers.
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Step 2:
Firmly place your cardstock stencil over a chalk marking and lightly brush the white paint over. We recommend trying this several times on another piece of fabric to get the hang of it before painting the actual denim.
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Be careful not to use too much paint, or it will seep under the cardstock.
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Step 3:
Experiment until you get clean results, and then begin on your denim.
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Be sure to cover the whole cut-out with paint without going over the edges of the stencil.
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Step 4:
Carefully lift the stencil after painting and move on to the next mark. Be sure to periodically check the backside of the paper for any paint smudges.
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Step 5:
After letting the paint dry for one hour, run an iron over any painted areas to set.

CARE: Delicate wash and line dry to preserve paint motifs.

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