Summer House’s Paige DeSorbo Predicts The Next Wave Of Beauty Trends

As an unapologetic Bravo scholar, my years of anthropologically studying the network’s outputs in near repetition has allowed me to say a true fact: The third season of Summer House was peak Perfect Bravo Era. We’re now existing in PPBE (Post-Perfect Bravo Era, where the housewives have all-stars and every show has a spinoff of a spinoff), but the entrance of Paige DeSorbo in Summer House’s third season was a cultural shift for us fans. As a young person watching narratives about people old enough to be my mother, finally: Here was One Of Us, and she wasn’t in the cast of NYC Prep.
Needless to say, DeSorbo made Summer House required-watching, not just in drama, but in the fashion lewks she showed in every episode of that series, its spinoff, Winter House, as well as Southern Charm. So of course, when given the opportunity to chat fall beauty trends with DeSorbo, it was an immediate yes. Over the phone recovering from a Summer House castmate’s birthday (Hint: “Summer should be fun.”), DeSorbo told me all about her favorite Revolution Beauty foundation, her thoughts on Barbiecore makeup, and which comes first, the makeup or the outfit.
The following interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.
Refinery29: Alright, Paige: What beauty trends are you loving for fall, and what are you hoping stays in seasons past?
Paige DeSorbo: I know some people are always like, "Oh my God, Paige is, like, always trying to be so trendy." And I'm like, "How are you not trying to be trendy?" I love trying all of the trends, even if I try it and then I absolutely hate it. I know that we're so over the Euphoria makeup. I really did love that trend, but it was a lot.
I'm actually not a huge, huge makeup person. In terms of my skin, it’s so sensitive, so I have to be really careful on what I put on it. I’m very picky because I don't really like the way makeup feels on my skin. I would say I'm very much a no-makeup person Monday through Friday. But on the weekends — especially in the summer — I need a foundation to really last because I don't have the time to like touch it up; I'm always going on the weekends. That's why I really do love Revolution Beauty. I like that you can get it at Ulta, because I have one literally two blocks away from me. It really is so light.. I was seeing all these girls try their new IRL Filter Longwear Foundation on TikTok, saying how it lasted 16 hours. 
If it's on TikTok, I'm going to try it.

"I'm like, 'How are you not trying to be trendy?'"

Paige DeSorbo
R29: Right. 100%.
DESORBO: And it's true: it really does last the entire day; it's really good. It doesn't even ... I'm trying to compare it to something that it feels like when you're putting it on, I haven't used anything that feels like it.  It almost feels like a moisturizer or BB cream, but it's way more like coverage than that. It really is one of a kind. I can't even compare it to another foundation that I've used.
R29: To touch back on Euphoria makeup — I feel like the transition from Euphoria makeup to Barbiecore is such a natural progression to me, do you think one fed into another?
DESORBO: [The trend is] obviously very early 2000s, and when I think early 2000s, I think Paris Hilton. It's very girly, it's very miniskirt, high heel, cute little t-shirt. So I feel like that trend really was a natural progression from Euphoria because the Euphoria makeup is very intricate, and very girly, very feminine in terms of like, let's put sparkles everywhere.
R29: Exactly.
DESORBO: [Barbiecore is] a little bit lighter than Euphoria makeup, but it's still very girly, like pink eyeshadows and turquoise eyeshadows to match whatever you're wearing. I really don't hate it because when I think of trends, I'm like, "Okay, we're not going to be doing this for like the next five years." So I like trying things for like a couple months and then, like, you get over it. Like, I loved throwing on a diamond on my eyelid randomly.
Also not going to lie, my boyfriend [Craig Conover] loved the Euphoria makeup trend. Like he thought it was very cool that we could just go out [with] crazy, blue eyeliner. He was very into it. So then it made me like very excited to show the new things I learned.
He's not a huge fan of red lipstick, but he does love a blue eyeshadow.
R29: What makeup products do you require to have in your purse? Like at all times.
DESORBO: I always have a Chapstick. One, my boyfriend's like always asking for a Chapstick.
R29: Always.
DESORBO: And so I started carrying a Chapstick because I would always be like, "All I have is like this sparkly lip gloss." So I feel like I always have Chapstick in my bag. Then I used to be a really big stick-on nail person, and I'm not anymore. I have shorter nails this summer. I'm trying to think like, "Okay, what would French girls wear, what would French girls do, makeup wise?” I think my makeup this summer has been a lot more tame. My nails have been shorter, and my heels have been higher. So that's where I'm at right now...but I do miss a claw.
R29: Yes. Just a real fightin’ nail.
DESORBO: I get my point across better when my nails are longer, I will say that.
R29: Also, how are people going to know that you're doing stuff if you're not click-clacking around?
DESORBO: My whole personality changes!

"I get my point across better when my nails are longer, I will say that."

R29: Alright, final question: How do your makeup looks factor into your fashion choices? Does your makeup decide what you’re going to wear, or vice versa? 
DESORBO: Yes. When I buy a certain outfit, I know that I'm wearing my hair in a slicked-back bun — and thank you, Hailey Bieber. I think that actually is one of my favorite trends and one of the easiest, because it's like, you don't have your hair-wash schedule complete if you know you're doing a slicked-back bun. When I'm doing a slick back bun, I know that my makeup needs to be kind of flawless. 
I grew up in an era where my mom would teach me about makeup, that's really how I learned. And she would always say, "It's supposed to look like you're not having any on." Then in college, a smokey eye was really in. And now, I'm back to, it's supposed to look like I really don't have any on. So when I'm doing a slicked back bun, it's all about your face. So I really like my foundation to look like I'm not wearing any, but I know I have full coverage and I know it's going to last. I love a blush and I love just like, a simple mascara. So that is my favorite look to do when I have a slicked-back bun, because I feel like it's a fresh-faced look.
R29: I think people really over complicate the relationship between your makeup and your outfits and your hair, especially. I'm like, "It's not that deep, y'all — play around."
DESORBO: Because it has to flow. I mean, it's like a full piece of artwork when you're doing like, okay, what hair goes with this outfit? Some hair really doesn't go with a certain outfit —  if I'm wearing like a backless top, I want my hair up. I want you to notice that I picked this backless shirt, I want to put a hoop earring on with it, and I want my makeup to also coincide with the whole look.
R29: Exactly. Because your makeup is like the cherry ... I mean, the jewelry is, technically, the cherry on top. But in my world, your makeup is like, it's the hot fudge.
DESORBO: Yes! I agree completely.

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