Move Over, Elle Woods: Paige Debuts A New Signature Hue (No, Not Pink)

We totally get the importance of having a signature shade (and it's not just because we were listening to Legally Blonde, The Musical on the way to work this morning). It's totally key to have a hue that people can remember you for, after all. We're just always a little surprised when a denim company goes with something other than "indigo" or "distressed" for their color of choice. But that's what Paige is doing right now, with a primary colors kinda blue, and we're definitely digging it.
The mastermind behind the jeans, Paige Adams-Geller, had this to say: "Our signature color is a bold cobalt blue that makes a statement as strong as our brand. We are excited about our new look and feel that Paige Blue represents our passion and dedication to the craft." Fair enough. What do you think though? Is this colored-jeans shade of blue something that will become a staple in your wardrobe? Or is it a passing trend?

Photo: Courtesy of Paige