Pack and Play

Salvor Projects offers up the season's perfect unisex pouch. By Loryn Hatch
salvorprojects_bagA graphic project that started a few years ago in a Bowery basement, Salvor Projects fuses the vast and varied past of designer Ross Menuez. Backed by a resume that spans everything from building Sandinista prefab homes to interior and furniture design in Japan, Menuez has focused his attention on what he likes to call "portable architecture"—or, in other words, awesomely smart bags. The newest addition to the label's repertoire is the maritime-inspired Marsupium duffle, an innovative take on a tried-and-true design.
Following a simple, utilitarian standard, the Marsupium features a basic roll-top, which Menuez describes as "a crude but effective closure system that creates the best water-tight and even air-tight seal." Made from canvas, and then coated with the environmentally friendly and wonderfully durable polyurethane, the streamlined carryall boasts striking yet understated graphic options that include a magnified Tatami mat, Mount Everest in pieces, and, for the minimalists, uniform gray. Better than your average everyday bag, think of the Marsupium as an extension of yourself—a place much like the coveted kangaroo pouch where both your lapdog and your laptop can rest safely.
The Marsupium duffle, $380, is available at Odin, 199 Lafayette Street (off Broome Street); 212-966-0026. For more information, go to
Salvor Projects offers up the season's perfect unisex pouch.