Academy Award-Worthy Pics From Our Oscars Party At W Union Square

While we thought most of the dresses at the Oscars this year were a snooze alert, our Oscar viewing party at the W New York Union Square was the opposite of sleepy. Maybe it was the sugar high we got from the candy bar, or the Oscar-themed cocktails, or the caramel-flavored popcorn, or the g-g-gorgeous guests...any way you look at it, we were wired—in a good way. Babes got even more babelicious with touch-up stations from COVERGIRL, Tuleste Market jewelry was on hand for some extra bling, and Parsons sketch-artists captured all the outfits for the coolest souvenir ever. Plus, style panelists including our own NY Editor Kristian Laliberte, designers Jonathan Simkhai and Timo Weiland, and blogger Carol Han took over commercial breaks to expound on the night's fashion (and debated on whether we'd get in bed with Russell Brand). Okay, so it wasn't Vanity Fair, but we still think our fête deserves an Academy Award.
Click through to see pics from the party—don't worry, we're doing it again next year!
Photos by Nick Wolf.