Opt For Bowties For A Fun, Springtime Accessory

While PS1s and Alex Wang booties may have been the It Accessory for show-goers this season, we noticed that a curious trend was sweeping the necks of off-the-beaten-path ladies backstage and front row. The bowtie is the latest borrowed-from-the-boys accessory to do the chromosome hop, but unlike him, go for ties in a snappy hue and choose a fun blouse to back it up. From oversized, velvet bows á la Becka Diamond to a wee, dainty pair like on Julia Frakes, bowties are just the thing to take your outfit from pretty to positively dignified!
Above, clockwise from left: A model in a bow tie, photo by Lianna Tarantin; Julia Frakes in a red bow tie, photo by Piera Gelardi; Becka Diamond backstage at Risto, photo by Ashley Jahncke; Frolain Fuchsia Velvet Bow Tie, $28, available at Etsy; American Apparel Unisex Italian Bow Tie, $22, available at American Apparel; Kotty Design Philadelphia Bow Tie, $35, available at Kotty Designs.

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