Boy Band Beef: One Direction Fans Go Bat-Sh*t Crazy On Local Band

One lesson we’ve all learned by now? Don’t come between a pre-teen and her fave boy band (and never underestimate the power of super-fans in groups). Um, do you recall the Bieber stampede in Sydney, or that doll-related domestic abuse incident? Fan incidents can get pretty messy, people.
Well, boy band One Direction (the U.S. edition — that's a real thing, and apparently they've been around since '09?) is facing a similar sitch. That’s right, there’s a crop of dudes from L.A. who share the same name, and they’re claiming the Simon Cowell-produced (and created) group, One Direction, stole their steez — and are slapping them with a hefty lawsuit. And let’s just say, One Direction U.K. fans are not pleased.
The L.A. band has been receiving a slew of death threats, and get chased down with carrots and spoons whenever they step outdoors. Yikes, but also, carrots? And it's not just the dudes in the band feeling the wrath of heated fans. Someone went so far as to attack one of their fathers (who also happens to be their manager). Come on kids, violence is never the answer. While the U.S. band says they respect the British dudes, they are getting pretty fed up with this — and of course, feel their music is infinitely better. Uh-oh, we smell a fella feud a-brewin'. Anyone care to take sides?

Photo: Via One Direction/Facebook