Video Exclusive! Look Behind The Scenes Of Our Rising Star Shoot

We're all about lifting the veil here at R29. We're also all about spreading the love. And, since it's a beautiful Friday afternoon, we've got a lot of love to give. It's with that in mind that we sharing this backstage video. Last month in L.A., we brought together seven of the hottest rising stars in Hollywood for one of the most inspiring shoots in recent memory. There were actors, comedians, writers, and everything in between. Want some hints? They star in Orange is the New Black, write The Mindy Project, master Masters of Sex, and a whole lot more. In short, it was just an awesome collection of gorgeous and hard-working women.
When they weren't sharing their infinite wisdom with us, they played dress up with some cutting-edge fashion and worked the camera like it's never been worked before. (Seriously, can somebody teach us how to simultaneously smize and smolder like that?) We couldn't help but keep the cameras rolling to capture it all on video. Oh, and if you want more of these awesome talents, check out the full feature here.