16 Pairs Of On-Sale Shoes To Get You Through Summer

Let's talk about on-sale shoes, shall we? When browsing the clearance section of any website, it's easy to find yourself asking, What is wrong with these? Why are they still on sale? But, it's time to flip your perspective: While some discounted items are definitely still in stock for a reason, there are tons that trump the regular-priced offering all together. Just think about it: They've been on the shelves long enough for the season's given trends to dissipate, meaning they've already withstood the test of time. Therefore, your chances of buying a pair of kicks that won't get thrown to the back of your closet in a few months is actually higher. The long and short of it? Go sale or go home.
So, now that we've established that buying on sale can give you even more bang for your buck than you realized, it's time to shop the shoes we were eyeing earlier this summer (and are still obsessing over a few months later). Click through for 16 options we're planning on treating ourselves to ASAP.