Your New Favorite Skirt Is Probably On Sale Right Now

When it comes to letting the stems breathe, we often go the easy route and throw on a dress. But, while a skirt requires a tiny bit more effort, it also has limitless styling potential. So, in the name of celebrating warmer temps and showing off those gams, we've put together 30 of the best skirts to buy right now. Welcome a whole new slew of outfits with just one option in the slideshow ahead. Bonus: All these babies are on sale this second. Go forth and meet your new spring favorite, with money left to accessorize.
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While it's still a little cold, pair this with a chunky sweater for a polished look.
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Get your skirt game in full effect with this sunny, pleated number.
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Amp up your usual layering with pre-layered Helmut Lang leather.
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We've got your new going-out skirt. The long hem makes it easy to dance the night away (even, dare we say, on tables) without worrying.
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Surprise sheer detailing at the bottom makes this pencil skirt an A+ in our book.
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When you just want to wear sweats, grab this guy instead.
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Asymmetrical hemlines are a thing this spring.
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Go graphic or go home with this rag & bone standout.
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What's not to love about a polka dot skirt? Especially when it's adorned with cute buttons on the front.
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If you're going for leather, try a metallic option.
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Pretty when dressed down with a T-shirt, or dressed up for that fancy fete on your iCal.
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The best part about plaid? It makes getting dressed easy since nearly every colored top coordinates with it.
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Metallic, origami, and on sale — a triple whammy.
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Imagine this with your favorite band tee and sneakers.
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A warm and fuzzy skirt for chillier days.
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A contemporary take on gingham.
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Hey Mickey, you're so know the deal.
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The panels on this leather mini give it extra personality.
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A denim skirt that's a little different.
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Made of neoprene, this ruffled skirt has a leg up on the rest.
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The fanciest heather grey skirt we know.
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A cut-off throwback that still feels totally now.
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Leave it to Nasty Gal to craft your new go-to skirt.
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Carven's champagne skirt is just plain pretty.
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Built-in suspenders: a guaranteed way to make sure you're not dressed like your coworker next week.
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When denim meets faux leather you get this cool blue hybrid.
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Tricked ya! This baby is plaid front and solid back.
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Let your skirt do all the talking while you do all the walking.
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The white mesh overlay makes this a day-to-night find.
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The most basic skirt that's anything but boring.

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