Finally! A Genius Target Collab That’s Just For The Guys

Ask us for a great store for guys and we don't even have to think twice: It's always "Odin." Only problem is, all you out-of-towners don't our easy access to the boutiques' wares (we're especially partial to the East 11th Street outpost) — only a portion of the fragrant (yet still, somehow rugged!) candles and colognes, designer T-shirts and blazers, all-purpose button-downs, and so-fine leather shoes are available via their e-commerce site. But that was before the all-powerful Target Collab, announced today, which, as we all know, will bring their exclusive wares to a whole new audience of crazy shoppers. During the second iteration of The Shops At Target, Odin co-founders Eddy Chai and Paul Birardi will be serving up a limited batch of their modern-day-dandy merch, and dudes, we guarantee the early morning wake-up, quick-finger purchase triggers, and lines at the register will be worth it. Look forward to fan favorites like pants, shoes, button-downs, and yep sweaters...the goods won't launch in stores and online September 9. Ladies, you jealous?

Photo: Courtesy of Maguire Steele