Neighborhood Watch: Odessa Whitmire

SOR_NW The trio of ladies, Odessa Whitmire, Summer Phoenix and Ruby Canner, at Lower East Side fashion phoenix, Some Odd Rubies, have made it their business to be at the forefront of emerging designers and unexpected style trends. Planted in the heart of downtown's venerable fashion frontier, co-owner Odessa Whitmire has become an expert on sourcing the best addresses and street-wise style tips for the area. Here is her hitlist of neighborhood must-stops beyond her inspired storefront.
1. Stanton Tailor Shop—90 Stanton Street, 212-353-9753
"Pablo and his guys are the best in the neighborhood. Although they are busy, it is well worth the wait...if you're having your jeans hemmed, tell them to keep the original hem and they wont end up looking cheap."
2. Streit's Matzo Company—148-150 Rivington Street, 212-475-7000
"Just peek in the window here and you'll know what we're talking about. It's interesting to see the matzo-making process in action, and if you say so really loudly, you may be lucky enough for one of the guys to slip you a taste of their yummy offerings through the window."
3. Alias—76 Clinton Street, 212-505-5011
"Go for brunch...unlike most places in the area (or anywhere for that matter) the staff doesn't mind seating you even if someone in you're party hasn't yet arrived (which is usually the case with our friends). And they won't rush you out either, so get comfortable and prepare to stay a while. Definitely order the crusty biscuits and gravy, the beignets with chocolate sauce, and, of course the grits...a little southern-style comfort to get you over the remains of the previous night's activities."
4. Essex Street Market—120 Essex Street, 212-312-3603
"We love to do our grocery shopping here. The prices are amazing, the people are super friendly, and we love to support the other locals...try the fish sandwich from the smoothie stand—it's only three dollars and it's freshly filleted from the monger next door."
5. Be Mini Spa—173 Ludlow St, 212-253-5665
"Definitely make an appointment for a manicure and pedicure from Be Mini Spa. It's not the cheapest or the most expensive, but like goldilocks and the girls at SOR said it's just right. At $38 for the combo, you get one of the most thorough services I've ever had, and with such attention to detail you don't need to pay repeat visits so frequently. We highly recommend the extra ten-minute massage...aren't you worth it??"
6. Motor City—127 Ludlow St, 212-358-1595
"Now that your chores are done, your belly is full, and your feet are pampered and pretty, grab yourself a drink from Motor City. Whether it's Francesca or Debra behind the bar, you're guaranteed to get more liquor than mixer... and get to know the person sidling up next to you, after all it is the Lower East Side. We're all family here."
So you think you know the Lower East Side? Some Odd Rubies' Odessa Whitmire gives us an offbeat tour of some essential locations in her neighborhood.

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