This Is How You Open Your Own Store At 24

Photographed by Erica Gannett.
Every now and then, a new store opens in New York City that gets us really excited. While we normally like to keep these discoveries to ourselves — because nobody likes shopping in a crowded store — this time, well, we just can't contain our excitement.
Enter: Object_ify 139, a store that sells the coolest, quirkiest books, prints, and accessories in the city — affordably. It's everything we could ever want to decorate our apartment (and more).
Object_ify 139 is just two months old, and it's run by one of the city's rising art stars, School of Visual Arts graduate Maria Candanoza. But, get this: She's only 24-years-old!
We are seriously impressed — and seriously obsessed — with Maria's curated selection of coffee table tomes, waxed doll candles, and scarves so pretty you'll want to hang them on your wall. Ahead, get a look inside the boutique and the young talent who runs the show.

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