An Insider's Guide To Shopping Vintage In NYC

Photographed by Meagan Long.
In this city, vintage shopping isn't just a means to an end. It's a lifestyle, a mindset, a sport, and, yes, a great way to spend a Saturday. New Yorkers are well-versed in sifting through the $10 bin. They know when to splurge on the perfect piece for their tightly curated closets. They often answer "it's from the '60s" whenever someone stops to compliment their floor-length dress. But, don't get jealous. Get sartorially even. Where else but in Gotham City will you be able to find so much well-worn goodness in a radius that's walkable in (also vintage) flats? After the jump, we dish our top shops to snag the very best pre-loved clothing. Happy hunting!
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Photo: Courtesy of What Goes Around Comes Around.
What Goes Around Comes Around
The mother of all NYC vintage stores, WGACA is a delight to explore. With items arranged into little “stories,” you can find the designers or look that speaks to you. Levi’s jeans? Maybe a rainbow of Birkin bags? The gang’s all here.

What Goes Around Comes Around, 351 West Broadway (between Broome and Grand Streets); (212) 343-1225
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Photo: Courtesy of Pippin Vintage Jewelry.
Pippin Vintage Jewelry
Find a unique gift or start an heirloom tradition of your own with this incredible shop. Shopping here feels like poking through the jewelry box of the astoundingly wealthy grandma you never had.

Pippin Vintage Jewelry, 112 W 17th Street (between Sixth and Seventh Avenues); (212) 505-5159
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Photo: Courtesy of Le Petit Mort.
La Petite Mort
The name of the store is the French idiom for an orgasm, which gives you an idea of the kind of cheeky ambiance you’re dealing with. They specialize in ‘90s clothes, so stop by to stock up on the high-waisted jeans and eye-popping band tees of your youth.

La Petite Mort, 37 Orchard Street (between Hester and Canal streets); 646-370-6227.
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Photo: Courtesy of Pilgrim Vintage.
Pilgrim New York
This high-end boutique boasts an enormous selection of vintage Chanel handbags and costume jewelry. Even if those interlocking Cs aren’t your thing, there are twentieth-century items from Lanvin, YSL, Celine, and so much more throughout the gorgeous black space.

Pilgrim New York, 70 Orchard Street (between Grand and Broome Streets); (212) 463-7720
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Photo: Courtesy of Collette Consignment.
Collette Consignment
This consignment shop aims to stand apart from the endless, overwhelming racks of old flannels that you see at most thrift stores. The well-organized space is glimmering and clean, making it that much easier to appreciate the ball gowns from Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera.

Collette Consignment, 1298 Madison Avenue (at 92nd Street); 212- 348-9800.
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Photo: Courtesy of Loveday 31.
Loveday 31
This small Astoria vintage boutique carries high-end designer pieces, an assortment of chunky bold jewelry, and sequins galore! While the space is tight, it holds a healthy supply of glamorous gems.

Loveday 31, 33-06 31st Avenue (between 33rd and 34th streets); 718-728-4057.
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Photo: Courtesy of L Train Vintage.
L Train Vintage
This vintage store has everything, from t-shirts to jackets to jeans and more. The space (and selection) is massive, so we suggest setting an afternoon aside for a thrifting treasure hunt.

L Train Vintage, 1377 Dekalb Avenue (between Wilson and Central avenues), Brooklyn; 718-443-6940.
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Photo: Courtesy of Grand Street Bakery.
Grand Street Bakery
Don't let the name fool you, as there are no sweet treats here anymore — at least, not of the dessert variety. Converted from a bakery to a low-key, under-the-radar vintage store about 25 years ago, this treasure chest has everything you could ask for and more: think books, an assortment of perfectly worn-in white t-shirts, accessories, and a myriad of classic Levi's denim.

Grand Street Bakery, 602 Grand Street (between Lewis Street and FDR Drive), Brooklyn; 718-387-2390.
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Photo: Courtesy of People of 2morrow.
People of 2morrow
As its artfully inclusive name suggests, Greenpoint's People of 2Morrow makes an effort to stock something unbelievable for everyone who wants to shop there. "Previously loved" and "re-worked vintage" pieces arrive from all over the world and sit side by side with unique homegoods in the sunlit shop. Don't wait for tomorrow, shop there today.

People of 2morrow, 65 Franklin Street (at Oak Street), Brooklyn; 718-383-4402.
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Photo: Courtesy of Awoke Vintage.
Awoke Vintage
Awoke Vintage was born halfway across the world in Australia — Perth, to be exact. Accordingly, pieces arrive in their Williamsburg flagship store from all over the globe. Geometric button-downs from the '90s (now a — gasp — vintage decade!) are some of their coolest recent finds, though the shop's Facebook page promises new merch every single day.

Awoke Vintage, 132 North 5th Street (between Berry Street and Bedford Avenue), Brooklyn; 718-387-3130.
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Photo: Courtesy of A Second Chance.
A Second Chance
Fringe-seekers beware — this is not the shop to outfit your next outdoor music festival. A Second Chance is a Chanel-stuffed, Audrey Hepburn dream: couture on couture on couture. Look for timeless shifts, unique costume jewelry, and maybe — just maybe — that elusive quilted bag you've been pining for.

A Second Chance, Multiple Locations.
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Photo: Courtesy of NoMad Vintage.
Nomad Vintage
Like a kaleidoscopic one-woman show, the East Village's Nomad Vintage houses the eclectic finds of vintage-veteran Katie McDonnell. Here, you'll find tribal frocks and couture tags galore.

Nomad Vintage, 208 East 6th Street (between Second Avenue and Cooper Square); 718-644-7634.
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Photographed by Meagan Long.
10 Ft. Single by Stella Dallas
Gently used floral dresses, button-downs and band tees are the main attractions in this rad Williamsburg boutique.

10 Ft. Single by Stella Dallas, 285 North 6th Street (between Metropolitan Avenue and Havemeyer Street); 718-486-9482.
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Photo: Courtesy of Amarcord.
For fans of Milan luxury labels, Amarcord is a dream come true: The high-end boutique boasts a clean and organized selection of vintage designer goodies, all handpicked by the Italian-born owners on their trips abroad.

Amarcord, Multiple Locations.
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Photo: Courtesy of Beacon's Closet.
Beacon's Closet
If you haven't been to Beacon's Closet, you’ve got this vintage-shopping thing all wrong. The consignment franchise is a haven well-stocked with mass brand and top designers clothing that won't break the bank.

Beacon's Closet (flagship), 74 Guernsey Street (between Norman and Nassau avenues); 718-486-0816.
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Photo: Courtesy of B.O.R.N.
JB b.o.r.n. Vintage.
If you'd like a side of fierce and fab to go along with your vintage frock-hunt, head uptown to B.O.R.N. (Borrowed Old Refurbished New) in Harlem. Its hilarious and personable staff will take you under its feathered wing and suggest unexpected style dares we're sure you haven't tried before.

JB b.o.r.n. Vintage, 52 West 125th Street (between Fifth Avenue and Malcolm X Boulevard); 212-722-3706.
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Photo: Courtesy of the Brooklyn Flea.
Brooklyn Flea
Dedicate a whole Saturday to this enormous flea market, with over 150 vendors selling antiques and vintage treasures. If wandering around the aisles leaves you starving, build your strength back up with an artisanal grilled cheese or other nibble from the Smorgasburg stands.

Brooklyn Flea, Multiple Locations.
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Photo: Courtesy of Edith the machinist.
Edith Machinist
The offerings of this place will make any shoe-person or bag-lady squeal with joy — it's accessories galore!

Edith Machinist, 104 Rivington Street (between Essex and Ludlow streets); 212-979-9992.
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Photo: Courtesy of Fox & Fawn.
Fox & Fawn
These consignment boutiques hit all the sweets spots when it comes to well-curated vintage hits all the sweets spots when it comes to well-curated vintage merchandise. The constantly updated sale section is not to be missed.

Fox & Fawn, multiple locations.
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Photographed by Meagan Long.
Housing Works
If you fancy a side of flatwear or vinyl with your clothing purchase, you must stop by one of Housing Works' many outposts. One stand-out spot is the Soho branch, which sits conveniently next to the used bookstore and café. Wherever you shop, know that your dollars benefit AIDS and homelessness in New York City.

Housing Works, Multiple Locations.
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Photographed by Meagan Long.
Ladies and Gentlemen
Band tees and varsity jackets abound in this East Village spot. It has a unique array of designer vintage clothing and accessories for the ladies.

Ladies and Gentlemen, 338 East 11th Street (between First and Second avenues); 212-673-3904.
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Photographed by Meagan Long.
Local Clothing
Heads up, color lovers: This adorable boutique features wares in every shade under the sartorial rainbow in a tight and tightly curated space.

Local Clothing, 328 East 9th Street (between First and Second avenues); 212-777-3850.
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Photo: Courtesy of Mr. Throwback.
Mr. Throwback
If the name isn't already an obvious giveaway, Mr. Throwback is all about '80s and '90s nostalgia. Here, you'll find racks upon racks of sports jerseys, shorts, and sweatshirts — with an endless supply of snapback caps and Nike Air Jordans to match.

Mr. Throwback, 428 East 9th Street (near Avenue A); 646-410-0310.
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Photo: Courtesy of New York Vintage.
New York Vintage
The store's grand interiors and stunning vintage collection certainly do justice to its name. A stroll through the gorgeous space is basically a lesson in fashion history.

New York Vintage, 117 West 25th Street (between Sixth and Seventh avenues); 212-647-1107.
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Photo: Courtesy of Ritual Vintage.
Ritual Vintage
This unusual store specializes in truly historical vintage items, reaching as far back as the 1850s. For the deal seekers, its $100-and-under outlet is just around the corner at 167 Mott Street.

Ritual Vintage, 377 Broome Street (between Mulberry and Mott streets); 212-966-4142.
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Photographed by Meagan Long.
Looking for the perfect outfit for your next family gathering? Shareen's got you covered. The vintage dresses here are so on point, they're probably on every bridesmaid's wish list.

Shareen, 13 West 17th Street, Second Floor (between Fifth and Sixth avenues); 212-206-1644.
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Photographed by Meagan Long.
Proceed with caution: This Japanese-owned consignment boutique has a lust-worthy collection of top-tier names in its arsenal. Why else do you think so many editors fall into the trap of buying instead of just selling when they go there on the regular?

Tokio7, 83 East 7th Street (between First and Second avenues); 212-353-8443.
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Photo: Courtesy of INA.
This designer consignment store has outposts all over downtown Manhattan, all packed with well-curated, high-end designer merchandise at a fraction of the price. A win for both men and women.

INA, 21 Prince Street (between Mott and Elizabeth Streets); 212-334 9048.
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Photo: Courtesy of AuH20 Thriftique.
AuH20 Thriftique
If you're looking for a bargain, head straight to this East Village boutique, which has a permanent selection of $5 and $10 racks. Plus, its jewelry is on point — in both style and price.

AuH20 Thriftique, 84 East 7th Street (between First and Second avenues); 212-466-0844.
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Photo: Courtesy of Olive's Very Vintage.
Olive's Very Vintage
Owned by former stylist Jen McCullough, Olive's Very Vintage is a haven for those timeless elegant pieces (and some designer finds, too).

Olive's Very Vintage, 434 Court Street (between Second and Third places), Brooklyn; 718-243-9094.
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Photo: Courtesy of Resurrection.
Everyone from Chloe Sevigny to Victoria Beckham is obsessed with Resurrection, which has posts in both NYC and L.A. The price tags aren't cheap, but you'll discover some serious hard-to-find gems like Halston gowns and Hermès bags.

Resurrection, 217 Mott Street (between Spring and Prince streets); 212-625-1374.
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Photo: Courtesy of Narnia.
Tassels and suede are mainstays at Narnia. Go for ultra-feminine boho garments and Western-inspired accessories. Your weekend wear will be killer.

Narnia, 672 Driggs Avenue (between Fillmore Place and North 1st Street); 718-781-4617.
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Photo: Courtesy of No Relation.
No Relation
This cool East Village store sells all things retro — upcycled from the '70s, '80s, and '90s.

No Relation, 204 First Avenue (between East 12 and 13th streets); 212-228-5201.
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Photo via @geraldonyc.
Looking for that one epic throwback tee actually worthy of a high price tag? Unlike a lot of other vintage stores, Procell is known for its curation — rather than sifting through bins for that hidden gem, you'll find yourself having a hard time buying just one item. Take a look at the shop's Instagram, and you'll see downtown cool kids and well-dressed celebs alike showing off their new thrifted duds.

Procell, 5 Delancey Street (between Bowery and Chrystie Street); 212-226-2315.
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The Break

This Brooklyn-based vintage store boasts a prolific presence on Instagram, but we're still proponents of checking out this affordable, always on-trend shop IRL. The friendly store makes shopping for relevant vintage a joyous experience — on a recent trip, our editors found themselves in the midst of a rosé -fueled dance party.

The Break, 82 Dobbin St. BK 11222.

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