Was This Instagram Photo Worth Getting Arrested Over?

A New York City teenager has learned the hard way that social media can get you in trouble — especially when you're posting photos from what will soon be the tallest residential tower in the Western Hemisphere. Demid Lebedev, best known by his Instagram name, "Demidism," has been charged with criminal trespassing and reckless endangerment by the NYPD.
Lebedev, a self-proclaimed "urban historian," has earned recognition from over 10,000 Instagram followers for the striking images he's taken while scaling some of the city's tallest buildings. Although countless photos (from different angles) exist on the account, it was his shots from the top of 432 Park Avenue, a 1,398-foot skyscraper currently under construction in midtown, that sparked interest from authorities.
Police reportedly brought Lebedev in for questioning after obtaining information that connected him to the building, according to DNA Info. The daredevil teen admitted to trespassing and was charged. Hey, at least he got to go to heaven and back, right?

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