Are These New York’s Hottest Taxi Drivers?

It's time to celebrate those who get us from point A to point B, especially when we're running late, it's pouring rain, or our feet hurt. And, that's why freelance creative director Phil Kirkman and his fianceé, photographer Shannon McLaughlin, have decided to capture some of the city's most hardworking people — New York's cab drivers — in a completely creative and fun way.
Last year, through McLaughlin's photography and Kirkman's direction, the couple released the first edition of the NYC Taxi Driver calendar. The playful imagery showcased 12 months worth of the most humorous cabbies throughout the city. For 2015, they're upping the stakes. Alongside three veterans from last year's edition (shout out to Darek, Dan, and Jose), there is a taxi-driving couple, as well as eight other pages filled with cabbie "beefcake" striking seductive poses throughout New York City.
Click through to preview some of our favorite shots.